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Title: Marya Morevna
Artist: Galda Nikolay Nikolaevich
Size (cm): 16x3x2.5
Size (inches): 6.5x1.25x1
Price : $1650 SOLD!





Ivan and Marya hae just escaped Koschei the Deathless' place. They are on their way home and timing is everything. They must get far enough away so that Koschei's horse cannot catch them. The horse was able to catch up, however, but to no avail because Ivan's horse killed the rider (Koschei) with its hoof when he got to close. On two previous attempts Ivan and Marya were not able to get away, since they had a weaker horse. This time they were riding on magic colt from Baba Yaga's stable. Ivan was able to take this horse because of the handkerchief Marya gave him. To get to Baba Yaga's home on chicken legs Ivan had to cross the river of fire. The kerchief allowed him to do this without getting harmed, and then when he crossed back, after he got the horse, Baba Yaga fell in while she was pursuing him, and died.

Nikolay Galda of Kholuy painted this composition. His work is very unique to Kholuy, with a style that blends his childhood influences in Russia's far east with the icon painting style taught in Kholuy. His Palettes are always dark and the scenes are foreboding. He shows the tales and stories he depicts as if everything had the capacity for magic. With each passing year his technique gets more refined and the precision of his lines improves. It's no wonder that this young artist already has works kept in Kholuy's museum of lacquer art.