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Russian lacquer art - Russian box, Mstera, Mstyora, Mstiora, Palekh artist, Fedoskino, Kholuy, Lacquer box, Russian lacquer boxes


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Andrey the Rifleman
The tale of Tsar Saltan
Ivan Tsarevich, the Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise
Tale about Fedot the Rifleman (Featuring Baba Yaga)
The Wooden Eagle
The Wonder of Palekh
Ruslan and Ludmila:Ruslan and Ludmila, Ruslan, Chernomor, Rogday, Rogdai, Farlaf, Ratmir
Troika (Excerpt from Nikolai Gogol's novel Dead Souls):Troika, troyka
The Lay of the Campaign of Igor:Igor, Campaign, Lay of, Song of Igor, Polovets
A Short History of Palekh:Palekh, Golikov, partnership, artel
Russian Enamel Miniatures:Enamel, easel, Cherny
Early Lacquer Painting in Russia:Vishnyakov, Lukutin, Zhostovo, taghil
The Snowstorm or Metelitsa--Complete Story:Metelitsa, Snowstorm, Elope, Zhadrino, teryoshka, Dravin, Burmin
Victor Vasnetsov (1848-1926):Vasnetsov, Three Bogatyrs
The Green Bogatyr:Kartaus, Green Bogatyr, Koschei, Koschey
Andrey the Rifleman:Andrey the Rifleman, Andrei the Rifleman
Yeruslan Lazarovich:Yeruslan, Lazarovich, Eruslan
The Tale of Fedot the Rifleman:Fedot, Rifelman
Ivan Bykovich:Bykovich
Finist the Falcon:falcon, finist
George's Parallel Tours:Tour
The Wooden Eagle:joiner, eagle
Nikolai Egorovich Sverchkov:horses, troika, troyka, Sverchkov
Translation of Fedoskino Lacquer Art by L. Suprun:Fedoskino,
Prince Roman and Marya Yurievna:kidnapping,
Scarlet Sails:Scarlet Sail, Scarlet Sails, Orion
Found 26 items.