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Title: The Bullfinches
Artist: Rogatova Marina
Size (cm): 8x8x5
Size (inches): 3.25x3.25x2
Price : $1850 SOLD!





This exquisite piece, painted with rare ornamental originality was composed by talented Fedoskino artist Marina Rogatova. Her color treatment is of masterful design. Skill finds itself loving companion as Marina's husband is famous Fedoskino artist S.S. Rogatov. Collaboration between these two would be a collectable envy.
The box is round-shaped and covered with white lacquer. On the box's lid Rogatova has painted a couple of red-breasted bullfinches sitting the branch of mountain ash covered with bright red, ripe ashberries. On the box's sides she continues to paint branches of mountain ash. The white lacquered background helps to imitate Russian snow-covered expanses, and to focus the viewer's attention on the excellently painted birds and the ashberries. Shining gold paint is used to draw some of the leaves, and to enrich the color palette. The box's interior is covered with gold powder. This is an exceptional work.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. The lid isn't hinged, and the box rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed, and dated (2009) by the artist on the lid's interior.