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Title: Slavic Magic island Buyan
Artist: Kozlov Sergey
Size (cm): 23x13x7
Size (inches): 9.25x5.25x3
Price: $22750   





This beautiful piece is outstanding creation of one of the best Fedoskino artist, Sergey Kozlov. if one could ever get used to the increadible works of Sergey Kozlov,it might be easy to say that this is a typical work by the master miniaturist-however, every piece we see by this increadible artist continues to amaze us and we are pleased to be able to offer such stunning pieces , as this one. Brilliantly painted textures,colors,and details abound in this magical view of legendary Slavic island Buyan, featuring an island by itself unique architecture, boat and three-headed dragon. Gold, silver and platinum paint finds its way into minute details and mother-of-pearl popsup here and there for just the right effect. Considering how many elements are actually in this scene, it's amazing that they fit together as well as they do. But such is the gift of the master on this museum quality work. Box constracted from papier-mache and half of big mother-of-pearl shell, signed and dated by artist.