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Title: Curious Varvara
Artist: Orlova Nataliya
Size (cm): 10x11x3.5
Size (inches): 4x4.25x1.25
Price : $1650 SOLD!





This gorgeous work has been painted by the talented Fedoskino artist Natalya Orlova. The humorous Russian proverb has been chosen by the artist as a theme for this work. This proverb can be translated into English as ‘Curious Varvara's nose was torn off.
The work consists of the box that rests on the plate. On the box Orlova has painted the Curious Varvara, while the plate shows the towers of the ancient Russian town that serves as a background for the scene painted on the box. Both the portrait of Varvara and the images painted on the plate are detailed with gold and silver paint. Some of the towers drawn on the plate are crafted three-dimensionally. At the top of the plate you can find the following inscription that can be translated into English as ‘I sit on a high tree, and look far in the distance'; it means that the Curious Varvara keeps an eye on everybody, and listens attentively all rumors.
The exterior of both the box and the plate are covered with blue blurry spots scattered against the background of a lighter blue tone. The red lacquered interior of the box is also covered with blue blurry spots. The box rests on four legs crafted from small shells. The square-shaped piece of mother-of-pearl is glued to the lid's interior; on this piece Orlova has written her name, the title, Fedoskino and the year of 2006. In the middle of the plate Orlova has left the same inscription; while at the bottom of scene painted on the box's lid she has only written her name and the year of 2006.
Size of a box is 7.5x8.5x2.5cm
Size of a box is 3x3.25x1 inches
Size of a plaque is 10x11x1 cm
Size of a Plaque is 4x4.24x0.25 inches