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Title: Moscow.A View to the Temple of Christ the Saviour
Artist: Mikhaleova Anzhela
Size (cm): 21x14x6
Size (inches): 8.25x5.5x2.25
Price : $4500 SOLD!





This breathtaking piece is a masterful work of precision combined with emotion. The view is spectacular, and Anzhela Mikhaleova from Fedoskino is able to bring the scene to life beautifully. One can tell that this is a view from yesteryear, since the Kremlin walls in the background are still painted white instead of their current bare red. The inclusion of mother-of-pearl and the use of aluminum powder as a base under the colorful oils create a lovely luster to the box. Looking at the picture, it would appear that the box is much larger than it really is, a testa- ment to the high level of detail in the scene. Burnished gold paint frames the scene, and a thick band runs along the bottom edge of the sides. A golden banner is painted on the front of the box containing the title of the piece. This piece is one of our favorites!