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Title: At the River
Artist: Kirsanov Sergey
Size (cm): 13.5x7.5x2.5
Size (inches): 5.25x3x1
Price : $825 SOLD!





There is that special place that we all go. A land far away, a tranquil lake shore, hidden doorways in the imagination. It can be the simple. The back porch, the kitchen table, the comfort of a favorite chair. The place exists in all languages and in all walks of life. A place to escape. Someplace where everything is on your time. It is as if you designed it all by yourself. No wrong can come to you. There is no fear and no worry. You are safe here to enjoy the one thing that many overlook when in the midst of that perfect relax...themself. The air is a crisp dessert to tantalize the soul. The landscape scripted to perfection. The sun and moon dance together in a symphony of stars. This is all yours. For you and only you. Where do you go?
This fascinating piece was created by Fedoskino master Sergey Kirsanov. The artist combines an exquisite color palette with superior brushwork to compose a composition of exceptional quality.
The image depicted here is that of a getaway. That ideal location to retreat from the norm. Here we see a hard working families holiday hideaway. Every Christmas the family heads down the river to their beautiful winter cabin. Although in the midst of a most frigid season, the cold doesn't seem to take it's toll like it usually should. The snow is almost animated to the touch. The sky glows with surreal illumination as the sun breaks through the patchy clouds of an incoming front. Their traveled river empties into this icy stream where plenty of fishing and genuine laughter take place during the trip. Deer and elk often come close enough to pet and then quickly scamper away into the thick pine woods. The land smiles upon the travelers and the travelers smile back. It is the families second home. Their special place. Where do you go?
The feeling created here is of pure serenity. For an artist to be capable of so much vivid detail on such a small surface, there is surely a definitive line of talent. Kirsanov uses placid blues and soft gray tones to enhance the frost of the stream and it's banks. Delicate execution of fine, single-hair, brushwork are used to compose the realism seen in the various trees in the back and foreground. The artist adds an inlay of mother-of-pearl that makes you feel like you are actually there vacationing with the family. This inlay intensifies the sky, which has a Northern Lights' glow to it, and it also makes the stream run right off the front of the box. A living landscape in the palm of your hand.
The decoration of the box, away from the central composition, is just as magical as the detailed artwork. A glistening frame of silver beads act like an elegant necklace draped around the composition. The remaining edge of the lid as well as the entire base of the box is painted using the unique dye-resist method. The box is dipped into a mixture of colored oils, water, and paint thinner and then removed to create the brown stone-like design you see here.
The box was constructed using paper-mache. The interior is painted with a lively red lacquer. This box has a hinge fastened to the top of the composition.
The box signed with the artist's name.
Highly recommended!