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Title: Hare's Queen
Artist: Abramova Galina
Size (cm): 6.5x2.5x10
Size (inches): 2.5x1x4
Price : $2450 SOLD!





Galina Abramova is a talented Fedoskino artist who painted this interesting work that is called "The Queen of Hares". The whole surface of the box (except its exterior bottom and interior) is covered with colorful painting. Here we can see the Queen of Hares whose skirt is made of cabbage leaves, the hares gathered around the basket filled with ripe apples, bright multicolored flowers, and apple-trees covered with apples and fresh leaves. The work is painted in bright oils. Mother-of-pearl is set into the Queen's skirt creating its brilliance; mother-of-pearl also can be found shining through the basket filled with apples, and through some of the flowers and apples. Gold paint is used to highlight the ribbon that decorates the Queen's head, her handbag and shoes. Gold also shines through some of the apples. The box is constructed from paper-mache. Its interior is covered with red lacquer; its exterior bottom imitates a stone - it is blue and studded with tiny white veins. The lid is hinged. The work is signed and dated (2006) by the artist.