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Title: The Magic Eagle
Artist: Nechaev, Oleg
Size (cm): 12x7.5
Size (inches): 4.75x3
Price : $111111 SOLD!





Painting on a dome-shaped box actually requires not only skilled planning to properly lay out the elements on a circular connected "canvas", but ability to paint elements in high detail in proper proportion on a curved surface.

Oleg Nechaev of Fedoskino shows us how this is done properly in his interpretation the Magic Eagle. The box focuses on Ivan riding the eagle, while the other main elements are a pair of doves and the tower with the eagle's nest. The blue and gold palette of the scene is beautifully executed with astounding detail and luster.

The dome opens at the base; the bottom of the piece is decorated with 'skan', tiny pieces of aluminum sheeting that are applied by hand to make a unique design.