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Title: Baba-Yaga
Artist: Zotov Nikolay.
Size (cm): 30x20x11
Size (inches): 12x8x4.5
Price : $2750 SOLD!





This astounding box is one of Zotov's most incredible works to date. It's very large size and intricate craftsmanship make this box a true collectible. Zotov has really outdone himself this time with his three-dimensional depiction of the witch Baba Yaga's hut. All of the legend of the forest witch is included here - her ramshackle hut which stands on chicken legs, her mortar in which she flies and the broom with which she sweeps away her tracks, and of course the brooding witch herself. Amazing detail abounds throughout the piece, both in carved paper-mache and in the painting.

Throughout it all, Zotov has still managed to make this a box in the purest sense of the word - the front of the hut opens on a hinge to reveal a small compartment. But this is obviously no simple box - and is an item Zotov will be hard-pressed to top!