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Title: Thumbelina
Artist: Solodilov Eugeiny
Size (cm): 10x10x6.5
Size (inches): 4x4x2.75
Price : $2350 SOLD!





Yevgeniy Solodilov of Fedoskino is reknowned for his unusual and emotive works. In the center of this uniquely shaped box is Thumbelina sitting in a green meadow, with Mr.Mole who is proposing marriage. The painting covers the entire outer surface of the box except the very bottom. Several pieces of mother-of-pearl help create a three-dimensional look as the leaves that adorn the exterior. Pearl-like beads are glued to the leaves to imitate drops of dew. A small snail attached to the box is also crafted three-dimensionally. Solodilov used various tones of green oils mixed with gold and silver powder to paint the main elements, with gold paint to detail and highlight some of the plants and leaves. Constracted from papier-mache, signed and dated by artist.