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Title: By the stormy sea
Artist: Fedorov Alexander Alexandrovich
Size (cm): 15.5x11x5
Price : $850 SOLD!





This marvelous composition showing the storm was painted by the talented Fedoskino artist A. Fedorov. The huge waves strike desperately against the rocky coast. In the foreground one can see the fragment of a ship's mast, it's possible that somewhere in the open sea a shipwreck has taken place. Two lonely tiny figures of people standing on the top of the rock admire the beauty of raging sea. The sky's depth is amazing. It is covered with dark grey clouds along the edges of the lid, whereas in the center it is serene. The rainbow that has appeared in the sky indicates that soon the storm will finish. The composition is complex and consists of different elements, including the combination of waves, mountains, the ship located in the background, the figures of people, seagulls, the rainbow and firs. Refined oil-painting techniques give this piece depth and life. The palette used is full of blue paints to convey the marine and aquatic environment within the composition. Great movement in the water is painted very naturally showing the seemingly random wave directions and the whitewater being blown off the crests of the waves. The detail in the crashing waves is incredible--the color is excellent, and the light from the sun can be seen through the crest of the wave in the middle of the scene. The composition is painted in the correct proportions that exist in real life, and it is very true to life. Looking at it, the viewer seems to hear the sound of the waves breaking on the coast and the yells of seagulls. The decoration of the box consists of gold dots ant tiny triangles that were punched out of a sheet of gold foil and placed in sequence while on of the final coats of lacquer was still wet. The difficulty of applying gold punch-outs to a box is immense, but Fedorov makes it look easy here. The punch-outs can be found framing the scene and wrapping around the sides of the box. The box is made out of paper-mache that is solid and of a high quality. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box while red lacquer completes the interior of the work. The box has a hinge from the top of the composition and rests on a flat bottom. The Fedoskino "troika" insignia can be found on the interior of the lid. The box is signed with the artist's name, village and year (2002).