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Title: Lenin is reading Newspaper "Pravda"("The Truth"),1980.
Artist: Lipitskiy Dmitriy
Size (cm): 16x9.5x6.5
Size (inches): 6.25x3.75x2.5
Price : $1950 SOLD!





This piece of Fedoskino artistry will be a perfect present for any collector of antique boxes as it was created in 1980 by the outstanding Fedoskino painter, Viktor Lipitsky who is an honored artist of the RSFSR. His works are displayed in any catalogue on Russian lacquer painting. The composition is entitled "Lenin reads the Pravda (Russian newspaper)", and shows the portrait of Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin. It is an interpretation of the canvas-on-oil painting painted by the famous Soviet painter I. Brodsky. In the Soviet times only famous and talented artists were permitted to paint the communist leader and that's why this box is of high quality. It is not the only one portrait of Lenin painted by V. Lipitsky. Among his creations painted on Lenin's theme there are also such works as "Lenin in Gorki", "Lenin is taking a walk", "Lenin in Kostino", and others. The box is constructed from quality paper-mache made in the village of Fedoskino. The composition is framed with gold beads. The interior of the box is covered with red lacquer, the box's exterior is covered with black lacquer. A hinge is fastened to the left of the lid, and the box rests on four feet. The work is signed and dated (1980) by the artist.