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Title: The Muse(Inspiration)
Artist: Tretiakov Victor
Size (cm): 12x7.5x3
Size (inches): 4.75x2.75x1.25
Price : $695 SOLD!





Inspiration comes in many forms. For some it is a beautiful sunset, for others it is a renewed outlook on life. Inspiration is wonderful in the sense that it comes in countless ways to every person. Fedoskino leading artist Viktor Tretyakov found it in the words of a poem. The poem was written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, called Dedication. Interestingly enough, the poem recounts how Goethe found his inspiration to become a writer. In Dedication, Goethe describes in rhyming verse how he begins wondering in the mountains. While there, he is struck by the breathtaking beauty of nature, and ponders his lot in life. At that moment, a 'godlike woman' appears before him, and they begin speaking together. After a series of questions, a mild rebuke, and then praise, the Goddess presents Goethe with the holy coverlet of poetry and encourages him to serve people, thus leading onto the path of a poet. The scene on the box depicts the following portion of the poem: Through the light cloud she then stretch'd forth her hand, As if to bid the streaky vapour fly: At once it seemed to yield to her command, Contracted, and no mist then met mine eye. My glance once more survey'd the smiling land, Unclouded and serene appear'd the sky. Nought but a veil of purest white she held, And round her in a thousand folds it swell'd. "I know thee, and I know thy wav'ring will. I know the good that lives and glows in thee!"-- Thus spake she, and methinks I hear her still-- "The prize long destined, now receive from me; That blest one will be safe from ev'ry ill, Who takes this gift with soul of purity,--" The veil of Minstrelsy from Truth's own hand, Of sunlight and of morn's sweet fragrance plann'd. The execution of this composition is simply majestic. Tretyakov is a very accomplished painter, and his works are featured in many books on lacquer miniature art. He has chosen a monochromatic palette for this scene, which makes his job of creating realism and depth in the composition much more difficult. But his skill is proven here, as this seems more like a sepia photograph than a miniature oil painting. Proper proportions and elegance make this piece incredibly regal. A line of gold paint frames the scene. The box stands upright, and is oval in shape. There is an invisible hinged to the left of the composition, allowing the piece to open. The exterior is treated with a superb dye resist, using the same color tones as the composition. Tretyakov has signed and dated the bottom of the painting (1999).