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Title: Bobcat
Artist: Shavrin
Size (cm): 2.5x15x10
Size (inches): 1.25x6x4.25
Price : $625 SOLD!





Box, "Bobcat." Fedoskino. 2011. 2,5x15x10, 5 Material: paper mache, lacquer, oil, melted gold, oil painting Author: Shavrin The signature under the miniature made of gold. On gold framed background of snow-covered mountains and fir trees on a rock sits an Bobcat, looking into the distance. On the back of the box in a round medallion "portrait" of a Bobcat flanked on both sides of a vignette. Under the Bobcat image there is a branch of pine. Blue background of this box decorated with silhouettes of fir trees, on the back - light flakes of "incident" of snow. Such careful and detailed decoration of this miniature emphasizes the artist's personal connection with his characters. Animals that he creates feel themselvs as rightful inhabitants of planet Earth. (Ludmila Pirogova)