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Title: Flower-bed.
Artist: Rogatova Marina
Size (cm): 13x13x4.5; (3.5x3.5x3.5)
Size (inches): 5.25x5.25x2; (1.75x1.75x1.75)
Price : $13350 SOLD!





Set of boxes "flower bed". Fedoskino. 2006. 3.5 x12x12 Material: papier-mache, mother of pearl, lacquer, oil paint, melted gold metal powder, painting. Author: Marina Rogatova (born 1962) The set consists of nine boxes (size 3.5 x4x4) with creatively different floral compositions. Each box is an microcosm of nature garden, wild flowers and bees fluttering above them. Each miniature is made up of unique and exquisite compositions of various Colors: asters, foxgloves, roses, peonies, bells, corn rye, tulips, daisies, cornflowers, nezabudok, delphiniums, tar, clover. All miniature combines blue-purple hue and a touch of silver mother of pearl, light emitting from inside the floral extravaganza. Refinement miniature painting and a luxury of captured nature moments makes this work by one of the most talented artists Fedoskino a truly an minor miracle. (Ludmila Pirogova)