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Title: Autumn
Artist: Dunaev A.
Size (cm): 7.5x10.5x3
Size (inches): 3x4.5x1.5
Price : $645 SOLD!





This original box created by young and talented artist Dunaev of Fedoskino. It features the beautiful girl whose costume and hair are adorned with golden maple leaves. In the background the artist depicts the trees covered with golden foliage. The painting is extended on the box's sides where we can see various plants, flowers and falling leaves. The box's exterior is light brown; this light brown area is covered with almost invisible veins that imitate the veins on the leaves. The interior is traditionally red. The box is constructed from paper-mache. A hinge is fastened to the left of the composition, and the box rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed, titled and dated 2012 by the artist.