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Title: Kikimora. Lake spirit.
Artist: Maslov Vlad
Size (cm): 9.5x8x8
Size (inches): 4x3.25x3.25
Price : $2450 SOLD!





This master work is creation of talented Fedoskino artist,Vlad Maslov. Vlad knows Russian folk-tales and legends very well and loves to paint scenes from them. Kikimora is a female Slavic mythology spirit, sometimes it could be female type of the Domovoi ( house spirit). Kikimoras are known to be the spirits of unbaptized children or of aborted fetuses. In one legend, all of the kikimoras created by a woman's abortions come when the woman dies and take her soul to hell. She usually lives behind the stove or in the cellar of the house where she haunts. Kikimora can also be found in a swamp, lake or a forest. Kikimora usually disturbs domestic animal and birds especially hens and chicken. She also very likes to spin. But in some folk-tales and legends Kikimora could be positive, kind character, which helping people. They also could be turn back into human being by cutting the hairs on kikimora head in form of cross. Here we can see image of good Kikimora and two kids of good forest spirits (Leshii), which could be her husband or companion. The box is made from paper-mache, hinge is fastened from the top of the scene, and the box rests on legs. On the lid's interior a square shaped piece of mother-of-pearl is glued; the title of the work, the artist's name and the year of 2012 is written on it.