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Title: In the church
Artist: Danshina
Size (cm): 7x9.5x2
Size (inches): 3x4x1
Price : $675 SOLD!





This gorgeous portrait of two young and beautiful ladies was created by the talented Svetlana Danshina of Fedoskino. A beautiful combination of quality craftsmanship and exceptional artistry.It is an excellent representation of Fedoskino realism. The artist has expertly implemented shade and tone to create this life-like portraits.Oil-based paint is the primary medium used to compose the intense realism before you. Danshina does an amazing job in making such a nbeautiful ladies seem proper. Each and every ruffle and bend in clothing is precisely executed and well defined. The composition is framed with a gold line. The box's exterior is black bottom. The interior is traditionally covered with red lacquer. The box is constructed from paper-mache. A hinge is fastened to the left of the portrait, and the box rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed with the artist's name, and the village of Fedoskino.