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Title: Narcissus
Artist: Gavrilov Oleg
Size (cm): 12.5x11x2
Size (inches): 5x4.5x1
Price : $975 SOLD!





This elegant box is a creation of Oleg Gavrilov of Fedoskino. It shows the white and black colored cabbage butterfly sitting on the white-yellow narcissus flower. Painting numerous, fresh green leaves, white, ready to bloom buds; and skillfully combining various shades of yellow, white, green and blue the artist has managed to reproduce realistically the magnificent bouquet that seems to emanate delicate aroma. A thin gold metal thread wraps around the box's sides. The box is made out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and the box's interior imitates the color of olive-green marble. On the box's interior bottom the artist has written his name. There is a hinge to the top of the scene, and the box rests on a flat bottom.