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Title: Rioter.Trying to escape.
Artist: Anokhin Pavel
Size (cm): 18x14x3.5
Size (inches): 7.25x5.75x1.5
Price : $4950 SOLD!





Here is an unique piece for you collection, a gorgeous box by artist Pevel Anokhin. Pavel is one of the top painters in Fediskino village. General themes of his works are genre scenes and landscapes, but his latest style is dealing with Meaningful Symbolism. This box is a great example of artists up-to-the-minutes thoughts and ideas. By looking at the scene of the box, you can find an image of Puppet Theater. Two dress up ladies are looking at the buffoon man who is cutting the strings that lead him. At his feet, you could see a beautiful mask. At the edges of Theater box, there are three Puppeteers who are controlling the dolls. This simple, at first sight, scene has an alternative meaning which augur observer might find. By this box, Artist expresses his concern about certain desires that modern people have and the paths they choose. This image represents a Man who is trying to divide himself from his creators, his ancestries, his believes. He took of his mask, which he wore as a right-minded citizen, affectionate husband and thoughtful father. Two ladies are looking with distrust at a totally different man. A man with no civil liabilities, who could act against foundations, principals or other people faith….