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Title: Voyage
Artist: Anokhin Pavel
Size (cm): 26x20x5
Size (inches): 10.5x8x2.25
Price : $11250 SOLD!





One of a kind box by an artist of Fedoskino Village Pavel Anokhin. His works are truly the masterpieces which any lacquer box collector would “die for”. This magnificent boxes' theme is a Voyage. The scene takes place in a Sea Port where we can fid HUGE but at the same time, elegant ready to depart Cruise Ships. In the blue sky, a white blimp passes by; peaceful seagulls fly to catch warm air steams from the ships. On the background, we can see a couple that are saying goodbye to each other. We can feel the sadness of the moment by looking at them. Along to lovebirds, ship crew gentlemen are carrying traveler's luggage. An of course, at last (but not the least) the main figure of this scene is the young lady with Poodle dog. Her white 1920's dress is lighter then the air, her hat covers her pale skin from sunlight. Her red hair is short which could mean (at those times) that this young traveler is resolute and independent. She's got no regrets leaving to this journey (unlike that couple). We can see that she feels anticipation and expects an interesting voyage. By this painting, an author wants to remind us how we all sometimes feel before taking a long trip (or going back home). It can be a moment of sadness before leaving our loved ones, or it could be just a job (or business trip). But the lucky ones, who travel with an easy mind, it is a moment of anxiety before an amazing journey. The box is painted in blue-white-beige palette. A painting is framed with gold line and ornament. Sides of the box are also covered with ornament. Box interior is a beige lacquer.