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Title: Autumn. Farewell to Summer.
Artist: Rogatov Sergey
Size (cm): 14x11x3
Size (inches): 5.75x4.5x1.5
Price : $4750 SOLD!





Author of this museum quality box is easily recognized: it's Fedoskino master Sergey Rogatov who is known as one of the best modern lacquer miniature artists. Each box that comes from Mr. Rogatov is truly unique masterpiece. His works are displayed at most of lacquer miniature expos around the world. Catalogs and books are honored to present his art pieces, as well. Sergey Rogatov is a member of the Artist Union of USSR.

Early fall is the season for mushroom picking and this beautiful box shows a landscape with few senior mushroom hunters at the forest border. A fairytale like tree is the center of boxes' composition. It's light and almost invisible leafs crown is turning gold as the season changes. As the autumn wind blows, the tree bends to one side and suddenly we notice colorful birds that are making their way to warmer places. Depths of the forest, on the left of the scene, leave a feeling of chilliness and darkness. On the background, we can find small village. It seems that all the huts are firing a furnace, so the smoke is coming from almost every chimney. The grass, trees and village are highlighted with silver powder. The scene is outlined with gold. The box's sides are decorated with Rogatov's style signature gold ornaments.

The box is made of paper-mache. White lacquer covers the exterior; the red lacquer covers the interior. The box hinged above the scene and lies on flat bottom. Signed with artists name, Fedoskino and year (2013)