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Title: Moscow Kremlin. Uspenskiy (Assumption) Cathedral
Artist: Solodilov
Size (cm): 12.5x9.5x3
Size (inches): 5x3.75x1.25
Price : $2850 SOLD!





Cathedral Square ( Sobornaya Ploshad), the historical heart of the Moscow kremlin, is surrounded by a superb array of buildings that give the square its name. opposite the Ivan the great Bell Tower stands the oldest and most important of the Kremlin churches, the CAthedral of the Assuption (Uspenskiy Sobor, which has symbolized Moscow's claim to be the protector of the seat of Russian Orthodoxy ever since the seat of the Church was transferred her from town of vladimir in 1326. The Cathedral was rebuilt in1479 by the Bolongese architect Alberti Fioravanti, and its subsequent history reflects its role as Russia's premier church, used throughout tsarist times for coronations and solemn acts of state. Given the cathedral's exalted status, its exterior is remarkably plain, while the interior is spacious, light and echoing, its walls, roof and pillars entirely covered by icons, and frescoes applied onto a gilt undercoating. Yevgeniy Solodilov has paid stunning homage to this indelible Russian landmark on a uniquely shaped box. Unusual boxes have become a trademark of Solodilov's making each piece a unique and surprising treasure. His precise painting and masterful color blending lend realism and wonder to this composition. The smallest details are clearly visible, from the lines of each massie brick to the glint of the gold cupolas. The painting extends down the sides of the box, unifying the piece into one solid whole; the curvature of the lid gives the feeling that one is looking back in time thtough a glass ball, viewing the cathedral from above. Solodilov has chosen to paint the piece during the not so distant past, evidenced by a horse and carriage passing through the square on the bottom of the scene. Incredibly, little has changed on this stunning edifice, despite the grand history it has witnessed. It is incredible that so many large cathedrals are located in such proximitly to each other. True to life, Solodilov has included these other structures in the visible background, while a stunning sky reigns above. The box has a flat bottom, and is hinged from the left composition. The piece signed, dated and titled the composition on the inside of the lid. Materials: pper-mache, oilpaints, gold paint, aluminium paint, lacquer.