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Title: Night time flight
Artist: Mikheev A
Size (cm): 6x14.5x4
Size (inches): 2.25x5.5x1.5
Price : $950 SOLD!





Soaring through the still night sky, this bird of prey effortlessly glides over trees and rooftops. Scanning the earth below, the eagle effortlessly flaps its wings twice to maintain altitude. Life below seems oblivious to this nighttime flyer; nearly everyone and everything has retired for the evening to home and hollow. However, those few who are awake and lucky enough to witness this majestic creature will hold their gaze, observing the majesty of the eagle, and will continue to stare skyward long after the bird disappeared into the night. The white-tailed eagle is the most common in Russia, however, there are ten species of eagle found throughout the country. Similar in many respects to North-American bald eagles, the white-tailed however, is closely associate with the ocean. That is why these large birds of prey are known as sea eagles or gray sea eagles. In Russia and Europe they can be found in a variety of habitats from tundra to desert, but prefer to be near bodies of water such as rivers, large lakes, and seashores. These raptors require forested ares with large trees for nesting. Alexander Mikheev has a unique style that is easily recognizable. His bold combinations of oil paint, gold leaf, mother-of-pearl, and aluminium paints create memorable architectural scenes, landscapes, and other beautiful compositions. This piece is no exception, as he uses a limited but effective color palette to paint the primary elements of the scene. Shades of grayish purple craft a brilliant nighttime sky, while brown-green tones are used with great detail to paint the foreground fence, yard, and church. Mikheev then applies his magical touch with plenty of gold paint for the trees, elements of the church, and for the eagle, while an inlay of mother-of-pearl is used for the bright , full moon. The beveled edge of the lid is decorated with gold filigree, and the sides of the piece are painted with a golden vine ornament. Mikheev has signed and dated the scene on the lid. Mikheev Alexander Nikolaevich was born in 1957 inthe village of Marino, Moscow Region. Now he resides in the village of Fedoskino, Moscow Region. In 1988 the artist finished the Fedoskino Art School where he studied under Shchagin Alexey Vasilievich, Monashov Sergey Vasilievich, Frolov Viktor Nikolaevich, Kulganov Valentin Semenovich.