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Title: In the Forest
Artist: Minin Alexander
Size (cm): 11x6.5x4
Size (inches): 4.25x2.5x1.5
Price : $2250 SOLD!





We are very glad to present You beautiful creation of mstera artist Minin. This lovely portrait of a girl in the forest is made even more beautiful with the lid fully painted and decorated in light colors. The girl is sharing some berries with a pair of birds that are flying around their nest. The edge of the forest is visible with the vil- lage in the background. This piece from 1999 shows Minin's talent from nearly a decade ago. The floral bou- quets on either side of the lid are beautifully detailed, and the overall design of the piece is perfectly thought out. A similar band of colored decoration rings the sides of the box, and a golden crown is affixed onto the inside of the lid.