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Title: Scarlet flower (Beauty and the Beast)
Artist: Molodkin Denis
Size (cm): 5x19x19
Size (inches): 2.25x7.75x7.75
Price : $9850 SOLD!





Box "The Scarlet Flower" (Beauty and the Beast) Palekh. 2011. 3.5x19x19 Material: paper mache, lacquer. Tempera, melted gold, metal powders, oil paint Author: Denis Molodkin born in 1971 Denis comes from hereditary family of artists. He is one of the most gifted contemporary lacquer art artists. His every art piece shows inexhaustible imagination and originality. This miniature is based on the Russian folk tale about a tradesman's daughter, who for the sake of saving her father, gives the word to a monster, from whom her father stole little scarlet flower, to come to this strange castle. The monster is a Prince who was charmed and spell can be broken only by young girl who would feel in love with a monster like creature. In the center of a three-part miniature a young girl is holding a little scarlet flower in a mysterious garden, a Monster peeks out of brushwood, castle mysteriously rises in the darkness, Baba Yaga flows on broomsticks next to the owl. This scene is done in deep blue-green tones. Only the figure of a girl, in a long, patterned Sarafan, in a headdress on her head is painted in pink and white, very like an exotic flower heself and who got into this mysterius and dark world. Left - traders's house, where girl's sister turnes back the clock to keep her sister from returning to the monsteri n time, at the table, in front of the candle, is sitting dejected trader, trying to make his daughter not to go to the monster. In painting of this scene, the artist uses a red light to make a feeling that troublouswave is covering everything. On the right - in the final scene - a happy transformation of the prince and his kingdom. Prince and his fantastic palace with extravagant architecture, combining Eastern and Western forms. And at the bottom of a box, Traider's ship is depurting from the city to his daughter wedding. Decorative "carpet" of painting, the elegance of ornament - all creates a magnifisant fairy tale story. (Ludmila Pirogova)