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Title: Hunter's dream
Artist: Molodkin Denis
Size (cm): 15.5x11x5
Size (inches): 6.25x4.5x2
Price : $3850 SOLD!





This splendid box is creation of one of the most talented Mstera artist Denis Molodkin . His work is difficult to come by for great reason. With his finished product in such high demand, his pieces often find themselves in private collections and galleries in Russia before they even have a chance to make it abroad. Currently a teacher at the Mstera Art School, Denis Molodkin has developed a style for the fantastic. Traditional craftsmanship takes a dive into the imaginative. His works can also be found in Mstera Lacquer Miniature, an excellent collection of exceptional work. Here master Molodkin depicts an original scene that is entitled "The Hunter's Dream." It features the sleeping hunter and his strange dream. He dreams that he drives in the sledge pulled by different wild animals: a bear, a wolf, an elk, a squirrel and a rabbit. Some animals are dressed in human clothes, and some of them ski. All around them expands the beautiful winter landscape filled with cozy peasant houses, gold stars, and green firs covered with white snow. The composition is painted in contrast colors. Cold blue and green tones are beautifully combined here with warm yellow and brown tones. Bright gold paint is used to paint the stars, the snow and the animals' fur. The composition is framed with tiny gold beads, whereas the sides of the box are beautifully decorated with rich gold filigree patterns. The box is constructed out of high-grade paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior and red lacquer is used to paint the interior of the box. The box has a hinge located above the composition and rests on four legs. The artist wrote Mstera, the title, the year of 2012, and his name at the bottom of the composition in gold paint.