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Title: Ruslan and Lyudmila
Artist: Molodkin Vladimir
Size (cm): 18x24x9.5
Size (inches): 7.25x9.75x4
Price : $5450 SOLD!





This awesome composition is created by legendary artist from Mstera, founder of Great Laqcuer miniature dynasty, Vladimir Molodkin. Ruslan was a bogatyr from Pushkin's epic poem. At a feast celebrating Ruslan's marriage to Ludmila, she is kidnapped by the the evil magician Chernomor( shown flying above the palace). The bride's father blames Ruslan and says he will give her hand to the first man to find her. Ruslan and his rivals-Farlaf, Ratmir and Rogdai-go out in search in search of her. Rogdai kills Ratmir and then makes a go at Ruslan, but Ruslan throws him over his head into the River Dnepr. The Ruslan comes across a giant head (on left side in round frame), under which is the magical sword, which will enable him to defeat Chernomor by cutting off his beard and destroying his magical powers.