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Title: Tsar Saltan fairy tale
Artist: Tikhomirov Valentin Leonidovich
Size (cm): 13.5x9.5x16
Size (inches): 5.25x3.75x6.25
Price : $2950 SOLD!





Under the moon lit brilliance of forest summer night. The fire twinkles in the eyes of the audience as the setting is described, imaginative and alive. Shadows are spread throughout the area enhancing the tale. They sit on the slippery edge of the glossy dock, dangling feet create subtle ripples in the murky surface below. Lines are cast with some purpose, but it is the feeling associated with day trips past that truly enliven the spirit for the day.Adjective assault on the mind as the horizon of the lake develops curiosity as to the findings deep below it's surface. A semi-circle of pint size surprise. As the teacher turns the pages the little ones grin and stare with multiple degrees of excitement and wonder. Their first sense of inspiration. No matter where. No matter what. No matter who. The art of story telling and the story in general is a timeless form of expression that will never become extinct. The characters. The locations. The plots. lose yourself among them. The story is forever. Once upon a time... This entrancing piece of superior Russian artistry was created by established Mstera master valentin Tikhomirov. There is a distinct sense of overwhelming clarity in his pieces. Well organized artistry that is precise. Exact. There is great cohesiveness between the color scheme and the ornamentation that surrounds them. A sincere example of an artist who is passionate about their work. The artist depicts various scenes from the imaginative story entitled, "The Tale of Tsar Saltan." The story is also known as "The Princess Swan." Prince Gvidon, and the adventure of a lifetime. The artist has painted nine individual scenes on the nine sides of this casket shaped box. On the very top of the lid we see Gvidon just after he has rescued the Swan from certain death. On the front side of the lid, the Tsar Saltan listens as the three maidens chat about their plans for the future. When the central maiden makes it know that it is a son she covets, the Tsar makes himself known. The right side of the lid depicts young Gvidon as a baby in his mother's arms. The left side of the lid shows the jealous sister's plot. The tsar ordered that his wife and son be sealed in a barel and cast into the sea because of the lies of the other two. the rear side of the lid depicts Gvidon as a brave young man as he begins to establish himself as a ruler on his own terms. He must find his father and tell him the truth... Egg-tempera paint is the primary medium used to compose the gorgeous work before you. A variety of light pastes and masterfully executed gold contours bring the fairy tale imagery to life. Soft and relaxing blues, placid greens, a beautiful combination of pinks and reds. These colors are greatly intensified by the layers of gold. The gold seen as the decoration for the characters clothing is flawlwee in it's luster. The costumes shimmer and shine elegantly. The patterns and unique fasion designs are incredibly well detailed. One of the more dramatic elements of the various portraits. The composition on the base of the piece continue the tale. The mysterious Magic Squirrel is seen in his crystal cage on the right side of the base. As the Tsar attempt to deter him. On the rear side of the base we see the land of the 33 warriors as they emerge from the ocean. The wicked sisters dissuaded the Tsar once more from traveling to his son by telling him that it would be more worth his while to find the Magic Princess with the Sea Star above her head, seen on the left side of the base. At last, the reunion on the front side of the base. The Tsar extends his arms towards his son as a wild adventure finally comes full circle. The casket is made from quality paper-mache made in the village of Mstera. The decoration for the piece leaves one exceptionally pleased. Each composition is fromed with broad bands of brick red dazzled with Byzantine-like filigree and design painted gold. What is most impressive is how straight and deliberate the design work is. patient intricacy that enhances each composition. the outer edge of the lid top composition is framed with bright golden beads that extend down the angled corners and all the way around the lower edge of the lid. On the base, the same strings of golden beads run as columns down each corner. The lowest extended edge of the base is decorated with shimmering golden scrollwork, curling and swirling, developing into gold wild flowers at the corners. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box while lively red lacquer completes the interior of the box. The piece rest on four angled feet carved out of the bottom of the box. A hinge is fastened to the back side of the lid. Upon completion of the piece the artist writes their name, the title of the piece, tribute to pushkin and the village of Mstera around the lid top composition in gold paint.