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Title: Easter Egg
Artist: Brovkin Vladimir
Size (cm): 6.5x5x5
Size (inches): 2.5x2x2
Price : $2250 SOLD!





Vladimir Brovkin from the village of Palekh created this Easter egg. It features the icon of the Blessed Virgin with the Child, while the rest space of the egg is decorated with original ornamentation painted in the eastern style. This ornamentation is composed of various scrolls, tiny flowers and their leaves painted against the blue background. To paint it the artist used gold and aluminum paints as well as red, orange-brown, white and green tempera paints. Each tiny flower is detailed with lustrous gold paints. The halos above the heads of the Blessed Virgin and her Child are also painted in bright gold paints.
The egg is made out of paper-mache. At the top and at the bottom of it there are two holes, and the egg is hollow.
The work is signed and dated (2005)by the artist.