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Title: The Tale of Sleeping Beauty
Artist: Otryaskin Alexey
Size (cm): 15.5x11.5x11.5
Size (inches): 6x4.5x4.5
Price : $3650 SOLD!





This increadable five-sided box is features so much artistry, and we're pleased to offer at the exelent price. Otryaskin has become an accomplished artist from Fedoskino, creating brightly colored scenes that that are both artistic and clever. Based on on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, this piece recounts six parts of the story. Starting on the sides, the beautiful princess is delivered to a safe place by the evil queen's servant,instead of left to die in the woods. This safe place was the home of seven bogatyrs, shown arriving home on the front. On the side the evil queen discovers the truth with her magic mirror and scolds the servant. The back shows the bogatyrs bidding farewell to the princess while the evil queen lurks into the forest. The top of the box shows a small scene with Prince Yelisey searching for her, and finally the celebration of their wedding. Excellent color, design and detail.