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Title: Hummingbirds
Artist: Gavrilov Oleg
Size (cm): 9.5x7.5x2.5
Size (inches): 3.75x3x1
Price : $750 SOLD!





Oleg Gavrilov of Fedoskino is the exceptional master that created this beautiful piece. On the box's lid the artist has beautifully drawn a couple of hummingbirds sitting on the blade of grass. The scene is painted against a light green background. The same tone with addition of turquoise, light blue and pink patches has been chosen for covering the box's exterior. Brilliant pieces of gold metal leaf shine through one of the hummingbirds, and through some blades of grass.
The box's interior imitates the color of green marble (dark green veins and blurry spots are scattered against the olive background). On the box's interior bottom the artist has written his name, and drawn several dew drops. A shining gold metal thread wraps around the box's sides.
The box is made out of paper-mache. There is a hinge from top of the scene, and the box rests on a flat bottom.