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Title: Deer-the golden horns
Artist: Makarov Eduard
Size (cm): 6x4.5x2
Size (inches): 2.25x1.75x0.75
Price : $650 SOLD!





This small, but very interesting box was painted by Eduard Makarov from Fedoskino. As evidenced by this box, Makarov is pioneering new frontiers in lacquer art. His style is unique to Fedoskino and the world, while his skill is already at a master's level without even reaching its peak. By incorporating various elements into his boxes he pushes the limits of his imagination and challenges his viewers to re-examine what lacquer art is. He shows his collectors that there are limitless ways to paint, decorate, and construct a work of art. As a teacher at the Fedoskino Art School he is in a position to shape the minds of Fedoskino's youth to not set boundaries for the beauty that will come from the tips of their brushes.
The work is called "Deer-the golden horns" and shows actually a deer.
Makarov prefers to make very multi-layered compositions to get a three-dimensional effect and create a dynamic experience for the eye, and this work is no exception. To paint it he has used a great amount of supplementary mediums like mother-of-pearl, acryl, gold paint and powder, gold foil, aluminum powder, and bronze powder.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. The exterior of the box is covered with different grey and silver tones of oils paints, while the interior is traditionally red. The work is singed with the artist's name, the village of Fedoskino, the year of 2005, and the title ("Deer-the golden horns") on the box's bottom.