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Plotnikova Yuliya Borisovna (1969 - ...)  Click to play

Plotnikova Yulya Borisovna was born in 1969 in the town of Tolyaty, Samara Region. Now she resides in the town of Khotkovo, Moscow Region. In 1991 the artist finished her education in the Abramtsevo art and industrial college, where she studied at the faculty of ceramicware painting. The diploma work of Yu.B. Plotnikova included a painting of a kitchen set. On graduation from the college she was given the rank of a ceramic ware painter of the 6th class.

Works by Yu.B. Plotnikova are exhibited in the Museum of Matreshka in Moscow. Her production is also kept in private collections. Now the artist works at home. Yulya Borisovna never makes copies of other painterís works and all her production is original. She applies in painting techniques of different art schools and her own painting methods such as a three-dimensional stroke, watercolor extension of color and imitation of different textures.

The artist intends to paint her works so that they will gladden hearts of people. Beginning to paint a matreshka, she devises a chosen subject in her imagination and then she tries to realize her idea. Finishes working, when she likes the composition and doesnít want to change anything. Yulya Borisovna attaches a great importance to coloring of a composition, trying to match colors harmonically. She thinks her works are notable for original style of painting and her own technique methods. In her opinion people will appreciate her works for thinness of painting, interesting themes and quality of painting. She is sure amateurs of her talent feel her mood and know that all her works are made with love.

To improve her professional skill the artist studies different styles in art and takes interest in icon painting. In her free time Yulya Borisovna grows roses, skin-rolls her dog, visits various museums and exhibitions. The artist wishes to all amateurs of Russian Applied Art to be optimists and realize all their dreams.

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