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Sidorova Elena Vladimirovna (1974 - ...)  Click to play

Sidorova Elena Vladimirovna was born in 1974 in the town of Ulyanovsk, where she resides at present.

In 1988 Sidorova E.V. finished the Art School. Her diploma work was a triptych on a childrenís theme.

Now Elena Vladimirovna works at home. She paints her works in the realistic style, using oil paints, tempera paints, watercolors and akril. Prefers to depict themes of fairy-tales and biblical subjects.

The artist supposes that choice of a theme is the most important stage while painting a matreshka. Beginning to paint, she intends to reflect a conceived theme as fully as possible. Finishes working, after realization of all tasks, when any additions are unnecessary.

Elena Vladimirovna paints her works in bright tones, applying her personal artistic methods. It usually takes her 7 days to paint a matreshka.

The artist thinks itís easy to recognize her works owing to peculiar painting technique.

Works by Vasnetsov V.M., Rerikh N.K., Larishev G.I. had a great influence on Sidorovaís creative work.

Elena Vladimirovna devotes all her free time to her family.

The artist wishes to all people who like Russian Applied Art to get pleasure from acquired works.

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