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Abramova Galina Alexandrovna (1973 - ...)  Click to play

Abramova Galina Alexandrovna

Abramova Galina Alexandrovna was born in 1973 in the town of Samarkand. At present she currently lives in the town of Solnechnogorsk.

In 1974 the artist finished the Moscow School of Applied Arts. Her teacher was T.I. Ignatieva. Her diploma work was entitled "In the workshop".

The master has a diploma "The best worker".

G.A. Abramova's artworks are held in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Now Galina Alexandrovna teaches at the Children's Art School and works at home.

G.A. Abramova works in the traditional Fedoskino style. She prefers to paint on the themes of Russian fairy-tales and legends.

The master thinks it's very important to create a dynamic compositional structure and it's the most important element in work for her.

Upon beginning her work on a new composition, Galina Alexandrovna thinks over a color treatment of the future artwork and then creates compositional structure. She finishes her work on a composition after its final detailing.

The artist uses in work a wide spectrum of colors and creates very successful and harmonious color combinations. She applies in work her personal painting methods of "through-painted" areas where one color shone through another.

In average, it takes her a month to paint a composition.

G.A. Abramova thinks her artworks are original and it's easy to recognize them owing to thinness of brushwork, interesting themes, beautiful color combinations and execution.

Creative work of such famous painters as Zhilinsky, Klimpt and Bilibin had influence on her artwork.

Galina Alexandrovna wishes her admires "good health and mood and to love people that surround you".

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