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Antonov Viktor Danilovich (1936)

Antonov Viktor Danilovich was born in 1936 in the village of Pervomayskoe in Sampursk region of Tambov area. Now he lives in the village of Fedoskino.
In 1956 Victor graduated from Fedoskino Art School, he was taught by A.D. Nebosklonov, A.A. Parfionov, D.N. Dedunik, and A.I. Kuznetsov. Antonov's Diploma work was the composition "Bathing of Horses" which is kept in the Museum of Fedoskino School. Also Danilov has studied one year in the Moscow Technical Institute and 2 years in the Polygraphic Institute.
Antonov used to work at the Fedoskino Factory for many years, he is a master of painting of 7-th category. He was a teacher at Fedoskino Art School for many years and taught several generations of Fedoskino artists.
The author uses technique of three-layer painting on papier-mache, he works in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature, and therefore he paints miniatures in oils. In his artwork the artist uses all colors, choice of them depends on a set task. Victor is interested in painting of folklore, fantastic plots, genre scenes, and sometimes he represents portraits and landscapes.
The important elements of articles for Antonov are national character of a subject, color saturation, realism, mood, and their national spirit. Victor has own painting techniques that help to distinguish his works from others, the artist considers, that use of personal techniques is good only when they are applied appropriately and do not block up whole appearance of a box.
Victor is sure that admirers of his art pieces will remember their sincerity, optimism, mood, feeling of kindness, and connection with traditions.
Antonov's artwork was affected by many outstanding artists: Levitan, Surokov, Petrov-Bodkin, Vrubel, Serov, Repin, and Somov.
One of Victor's hobby is to paint landscapes in a watercolor. His watercolor works participate in exhibitions, some of them were acquired for private collections.
He wishes to admirers of the fine arts to have good taste and feeling for TRUE Fedoskino Art works.
Victor Antonov is Honored Artist of Russia; he has certificates of honor and diplomas from art exhibitions. His author works are reserved in the Russian Museum, Historical Museum, Museum of folk art, Istra Museum, and in private collections abroad.

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