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Belova Margarita (1970)  Click to play

Belova Margarita Anatolievna was born in 1970.
In 1989 the artist finished Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were Rogatov, Marchukov N.G., Macheev P.N. Her diploma work included two compositions “The village holiday”, “Portrait”.
Beginning to paint a composition, Belova intends to attain perfection in her work. She supposes the most important tasks in painting are correct construction of a drawing, harmonious combinations of colors and painstaking elaboration of details. If all these tasks are fulfilled, the artist may finish her work.
Besides common observance of painting technology, Margarita uses in painting her personal artistic methods. She likes to combine cold and warm tones in her works, that’s why her style is quit recognizable.
Painting of such well-known Russian artists as Kiprensky O.A., Brullov K.P. and Sokolov P.P. had a great influence on her creative works.
Margarita Belova devotes all her free time to her daughter and housekeeping. She resides in the village of Fedoskino.
The artist wishes to all admirers of the lacquer miniature art always be in cheerful mood.

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