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Bovina Yuliya Vladimirovna (1973 - ...)  Click to play

Bovina Yuliya Vladimirovna

miniature artist of the Fedoskino School, was born in 1973, in Rostov, Yaroslavl Region. Now she lives in the village of Fedoskino, one of the centers of traditional folk craftsmanship in Moscow Region.

She graduated from the Fedoskino School of Lacquer Miniature in 1994. Her teachers were N.G. Marchukov, V.N. Frolov, V.I. Artiemenko, V.G. Mazalov, and others. She has no author works.

Yuliya Vladimirovna is a fifth-class miniature artist, a copyist. She paints in style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature. In the fine arts the painter is interested in portraits, landscapes, architecture, and poly-figured compositions.

She believes that the main elements in her patterns are their accuracy and impeccable technique of execution. In her opinion, work on a miniature is finished when the master likes it completely.

When the painter begins a new replica, her aim is to obtain maximal proximity with its original, to take right color schemes in order to make a miniature attractive for its future owner.

Bovina prefers bright and clear colors and uses all variety of nuances. You can always distinguish her works from other artist's ones by their artistry and refined harmony of colors. Yuliya Vladimirovna considers her admirers will appreciate colors, paints, themes, and execution of her works.

She thinks it is easy to distinguish her work, having familiarized with them. In free time the painter simple rests inspiring to new compositions.

She wishes her worshippers to acquire her miniatures and to replenish their collections with elaborate articles.

Yuliya at her workplace (1999)
Yuliya at her workplace

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