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Brovchenko Olga Sergeevna (1976 - ...)  Click to play

Brovchenko Olga Sergeena

Fedoskino master was born in Dolgoprudny, which is located in the environs of Moscow, in 1976. Nowadays she lives in Lobnya, Moscow Region.

She graduated from the Fedoskino School of Lacquer Miniature in 1996. Her teachers were such masters as B.P. Gorodilin and V.V. Sinelnikova.

Olga Sergeena has two author works, "Winter" (1998) and "Romance". She paints in style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature and uses oil paints. In the fine arts the master is interested in genre scenes. Olga Sergeena regards good subject and impeccable technique of execution as important elements of her patterns. When the master begins a new composition, her main aim is to improve the level of its artistry. She thinks her work on a miniature is done when she has finished highlights. Getting down to work, Olga Sergeevna wants a future miniature to have entirety, freshness of colors, and completion. The painter prefers to use tints of warm colors. One can tell her pieces from others by their entirety and softness of painting. Brovchenko holds that the admirers of her art will remember her own execution of miniatures.

In free time the artist likes to go to the theatres, museums, and to travel.

At parting Olga Sergeena said she wanted people would like her pieces of art.

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