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Burbyshev Semion Zakharovich (1888 - 1941)  Click to play

Prior to 1929, Semion lived and worked in Zhostovo with his father Zakhar Burbyshev, who ran a home-based workshop of paper-mache articles. Following the October revolution, many of the lacquer art centers underwent reorganization. The demand for lacquer articles from Fedoskino increased, and thus so did the need for more artisans and masters. Semion moved with his father from Zhostovo to Fedoskino in 1929.

Semion's brother Dmitry also worked with him in Zhostovo, but enlisted for the Red Guard army following the October Revolution. He fought in regiment of the legendary Vassily Chapaev's. Dmitry then joined his family in Fedoskino to take up lacquer art again after a 25-year absence from the trade.

The Burbyshev family is one that is steeped in lacquer art tradition. Below is a family tree showing the lacquer artists and their relationships:

Semion's son is Victor Burbyshev, and his granddaughter is Nadezhda Strelkina.

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