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Burbyshev Victor Semyonovich (1925 - ...)  Click to play

Burbyshev Victor Semyonovich was born in 1925 in the village of Zhyostovo. At present he currently lives in the village of Fedoskino.

In 1940 entered the Fedoskino Art School and finished it after the end of the Great Patriotic war. His teachers were Polenov, Semyonov, Lipitsky.

V.S. Burbyshev was rewarded with many honorary diplomas and prizes. Among them the most valuable for the artist is the diploma received in the Moscow exhibition arranged for V.I. Lennin's centenary where his artwork "Portrait of V.I. Lenin" was displayed.

Works by V.S. Burbyshev are exhibited in the Russian Museum in Sait-Petersburg.

Now Victor Semyonovich works at the Fedoskino factory of miniature painting. He paints in oils keeping to the Fedoskino style. Prefers to paint portraits of statesmen and replicas of pictures displayed in the Tretyakov Gallery.

Victor Semyonovich applies in work his personal painting methods. His pieces of art are easily recognizable by his original style of painting.

Creative work of such well-known artists as Polenov, Lipitsky, Karapaev and Larishev had influence on V.S. Burbyshev's painting.

In his free time Victor Semyonovich likes to go fishing and work in his kitchen-garden.

Victor is part of a long line of lacquer miniature artists. His daughter is Nadezhda Strelkina, his father is Semion Burbyshev, and his grandfather is Zakhar Burbyshev, who operated a home-based paper-mache workshop in the town of Zhostovo at the turn of the century.

V.S. Burbyshev's biography you can find in the book by Chizhov M.S., 1982, AMONG MINIATURISTS, NOTES OF FEDOSKINO MASTER, Hudozhnik RSFSR Publishing, Leningrad, page 246.

Burbyshev at his workplace (2000)
Burbyshev at his workplace

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