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Butsinskaya Irina Alexandrovna (1958 - ...)  Click to play

Butsinskaya Irina Alexandrovna was born in 1958 in the town of Dmitrov situated in the Moscow region. Now she currently resides in the village of Fedoskino.

Her teachers were such prominent masters as S.P. Rogatov and G.I. Larishchev. Butsinskaya's diploma work was called "St. Petersburg's birth".
After graduation from the Art School Irina Alexandrovna began working at the Fedoskino factory of Miniature painting where she works at present.

The artist paints in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature and uses oil paints, mother-of-pearl, gold and aluminum paints.
The master prefers to work with green and brown tones.
Butsinskaya considers technique and skill to be the most important elements in her works.
Upon beginning a new piece she always tries to create something new and original. Butsinskaya thinks her work on a miniature is done when she likes it and when all her artistic ideas and aims are realized.

Her favorite themes to depict are lyrics and genre scenes.

It's possible to distinguish Butsinskaya's works by her individual technique and peculiar color treatment.
Irina Alexandrovna believes that her admirers will remember fine brush mastery, interesting subjects, beautiful color treatment and graceful execution of her compositions.

In average the master works on a miniature from a week to a month.
Creative works of such great artist as Andrey Rublev (outstanding Russian icon-painter), Boskh, Van Gog, Polenov, Livitsky influenced Butsinskaya's individual style of painting.

Her free time the artist likes to spend with her family, go to museums. Besides, she is engaged in constructing a new house for her family.
Butsinskaya wishes her works will bring joy and happiness to buyers.

Irina and her husband Yuriy (2000)
Irina and her husband Yuriy Butsinskiy

Irina Butsinskaya's works are sited in these books:
1.Box "Meeting", page 11, # 3.
Box "Meeting"

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