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Buzovkina Yevgeniya Sergeevna (1977 - ...)  Click to play

Yevgeniya Sergeevna Buzovkina, miniature painter, was born in the village of Nekrasovky in the Dmitrov Region, which is situated not far from Moscow, in 1977. Now she lives in the Marfino settlement located in Moscow. The artist works in the style of Fedoskino lacquer miniature, so she uses oil paints. In the fine arts she is interested in such typical subjects as genre scenes, portraits, and landscapes. She finished the Fedoskino Arts School in 1998. Her teachers were V.D. Antonov, and M.V. Fedotieva. Buzovkina creates the following author works: "Madonna with Pomegranate" and "Portrait of Alyabieva".

Her productions were acquired for many personal collections in Russia and outside it. She considers precision, fineness of execution, harmony of colors, and softness are important elements of her compositions. Each time Buzovkina paints in the colors that are dictated by a specific pattern. She likes both soft, restrained colors and bright ones.

Starting a new composition, the artist intends to create something new and to attain the best result. Yevgeniya Sergeevna believes work on a miniature can be never considered compete, but fine execution and precision of details are principal criterions of its completion. It is usually takes the painter about three days to create a new piece.

It is possible to tell Buzovkina's works from the others by her own artistic originality and author caption. The painter thinks the admirers of her compositions must remember fine execution of details, precision of chosen drawings, and also their themes. The creative works of such renowned painters as Botichelli, Makovsky, Perov, Fedotov, Borovikovsky, Geinsboro, Kiprensky, and Flagoner had a great influence on the painter's style.

In her spare time Yevgeniya Sergeevna likes to visit exhibitions, to keep her house, and to rest outdoors. She wishes the admirers of her art good luck, and she wants them to understand, to love, and to appreciate difficulty of handwork.

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