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Chikvasova Marina Yuryevna (1960 - ...)  Click to play

Chikvasova Marina Yurievna was born in 1960 in the town of Moscow. At present she lives in the village of Fedoskino.
In 1981 the artist finished the Fedoskino Art School. Her teachers were V.D. Antonov and N.G. Marchukov.
Marina Yurievna paints in the style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature, using oil paints. She is interested in depicting genre scenes and portraits. Her favorite artwork is a reproduction of the famous Brullov's picture "Horsewoman".
The artist values her artworks, mainly, for high-grade quality of painting. Beginning to paint a new miniature, she intends to paint it so as customers like the final result. Finishes her work on a composition, when she likes it and there is nothing to add.
Marina Yurievna prefers to use in painting tight and transparent colors. Her artworks are notable for peculiar technique, beautiful color treatment and qualitative fulfillment.
M.Yu. Chikvasova has liked to paint since her childhood and that is why she decided to be an artist. Among her relatives there is not anybody who may call him an artist.
In her free time Maria Yurievna looks after her children, keeps house, visits different exhibitions and theatres.
The artist wishes to the admirers of her creative work not to loose interest to the Fedoskino miniature art, and, certainly, to her own painting in particular.

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