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Chistova Galina Mikhailovna (1946 - ...)  Click to play

Chistova Galina Mikhailovna. Fedoskino.

Chistova Galina Mikhailovna was born in 1946 in the village of Fedoskino where she resides now.

Galina Mikhailovna graduated from the Fedoskino Art School in 1964. Her teachers were S. Monashov, A.I. Kuznetsov, D.N. Didunik and Sokolov. Chistova's original works include:

1. "Thumbilina" (1965).

2. "Moscow" (1968).

Her creative work is highly estimated and she has many honorary diplomas.

The artist paints in the realistic style of Fedoskino lacquered miniature using bright and mellow oil paints.

Chistova is interested in genre scenes and portraits.

She considers the most important elements of her compositions are technique of execution and painting itself.

Upon beginning a new piece Galina Mikhailovna sets a goal to make it to the best of her abilities and she thinks the work on a composition is finished when all details are brought to perfection.

Chistova's works are notable for individual style of painting and peculiar color treatment.

In spare time Galina Mikhailovna likes to read.

The artist wishes the admirers of her art luck and happiness.

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