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Danshin Konstantin (1968 - ...)

Konstantin Danshin was born in the city of Dmitrov, in 1968. His father is a professional musician, a member of the State Symphonic Orchestra of Yu. Svetlanov. Being a trouper of the orchestra, he has appeared on stage of the Carnegie Hall. He plays both the clarinet and the saxophone.

K. Danshin’s father managed to inculcate in his son a taste for art. At the age of fourteen, he enrolled Konstantin in an art school. In 1983, Konstantin entered the Fedoskino Art School, where he studied under V.N. Frolov, N.G. Marchukov and V.D. Antonov.

Having graduated from the Fedoskino Art School, Konstantin began working at the Fedoskino factory of lacquer miniature painting. Konstantin's style of painting is very unique. His works are exhibited in different museums in Russia and all over the world. Especially his works are popular in the USA, England and France.

The artist is fond of animals, especially cats. Quite often he depicts his blue British cat on his miniatures. Konstantin's wife, Svetlana Danshina, also paints in the Fedoskino style. They have an eight-year-old daughter, Ksenya. In his free time, Konstantin likes to cook, play hockey and football, and go fishing with his friends.

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