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Demyanenkov Nikolay (1966 - ...)  Click to play

Nikolay Demyanenkov was born in Moscow in 1966. From a young age he dreamt of being an artist. At the age of 17 he graduated from the Abramtsevo art school, where he learned the specialty of painting on ceramic.

Once Nikolay visited an exhibition of Fedoskino lacquer miniatures and decided to enter the Fedoskino Art School. He graduated from the School in 1988. Having graduated from the school, the artist started working at the Fedoskino factory but soon he grew tired of the simple shapes of factory boxes. Together with his younger brother, Nikolay began creating high-quality papier-mache boxes that were unique in shape. In addition, his works are recognizable and notable for their unique style of painting.

Now Nickolay lives and works in Mytishchi (near Moscow) with his wife and son Artyom. He likes fishing and driving his car.

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