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Dokuchaev Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich (1944 - ...)  Click to play

Dokuchaev was born in 1944 in the village of Fedoskino in Moscow region, where he currently lives.

Yevgeniy graduated from the Fedoskino Art School in 1962, and in 1976 he finished the Moscow Higher Art Industrial College (former Stroganov School). The artist works in art technique of oil painting, in Strovanov style and in the style of Fedoskino miniature.

Yevgeniy Dmitreevich prefers to paint landscapes, portraits, genre compositions, and architecture themes.

The author considers a piece to be finished when he has nothing to add to its drawing. Starting a new work, the painter's main goals are its high quality execution, technical methods, and satisfaction of customers' needs. Yevgeniy Dmitreevich has no special art techniques, he uses only traditional ones. He always can distinguish his works from others under any circumstances.

The master is employed by "Russian Collection", company "Sakva". E. D. Dokuchaev is a member of the Artists' Union; he also has been recognized with the "Veteran of Labor" award.

Dokuchaev's works resides in many private collections abroad.

In his free time Yevgeniy Dmitreevich likes to read and to go outdoors to paint landscapes.

The master would like admirers of his artwork to get professional understanding of lacquer miniature art.

Dokuchaev at work

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